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It's not so simple. Dozens of philosophers have tried to do this since the dawn of history. How are we supposed to define inner experiences if we don't even have a way to tell that the people we talk to have them identical to ours.


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Usually I don't like to explain my prompts so as not to suggest people too much but this time unfortunately I think I have to so that no one removes it for retired prompts rule :/.

So, of course, I don't mean that humanity has some special feature that makes them deserve more seats. What I meant was that it has been recognized that there are several intelligent species on earth. This can be developed in many ways:

-Maybe humans gaslighted aliens that chimpanzees are smart just to get more votes in parlament?

-Maybe there is a second civilization on the planet hidden from human eyes

-Maybe the criteria for assessing sentience used by the galactic community are radically different from human ones?

-Maybe we underestimated some animals?

-Maybe the aliens noticed that dogs sometimes wear funny clothes and drew the wrong conclusions?

God I hate myself for having to write this.


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I meant more precisely the trope of a princess locked in a lonely tower. Princesses in fairy tales are usually locked up in the highest towers of a castle or royal palace by a father who does not want her to lose her chastity. The only fairy tale I know of where a girl was locked up in a lonely tower in the middle of nowhere is Rapunzel. And Rapunzel isn't even a princess.