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You're not technically wrong, but still, it minimizes the fact a bunch of random people showed up said, "This is our land now, we're renaming everything, banning your language and culture, and removing you from your land."

I think it's important to recognize the injustice of it all, and calling it Tahoma is a small nod to that.


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Rainier or Tahoma, means the same thing when it comes to simply describing it as a gorgeous mountain with fun things to do. Also, a lot natives still call it Tahoma.

If anything calling it Tahoma makes it more beautiful because we are acknowledging the history of the area instead of some random dude some explorer liked.


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You know Grizzly bears are in Yellowstone which is one of the biggest tourist locations in the US. And yet when looking it up, they result in only about one injury every 5 years. According to this the chances of being attacked by a Grizzly bear in Yellowstone is 1 in 2.7 million.

I know you're gonna say, "Well this is somewhere else! Not here in WA!" but if we're gonna make decisions we need to look at similar situations. And the data shows they're not as big a threat as y'all are making them out to be.

Be respectful, be aware of your surroundings, and you'll be fine. Nature isn't some human exclusive playground where anything potentially dangerous to us needs to die.


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There's a difference between reintroducing an animal native to an area who only lost that area due to human interference, and an animal that went extinct due to natural selection.

Also velociraptors weren't native to our region anyway. They were Asian, and Jurassic Park lied to you. If you want to read more about dinosaurs in WA here's a link.