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> The Chicago native had Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, a condition that causes organs to enlarge among other symptoms, for which he received frequent treatments and underwent several surgeries. According to his verified social media accounts, he was scheduled to undergo open heart surgery earlier this month.

> “Complications arose that he couldn’t overcome,” his family noted in a GoFundMe organized by his aunt and also shared on his Facebook page. The fundraiser was started to help pay for Cahill’s medical and funeral expenses.

Not quite. Not even close.


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> People do have plans. We know how to solve the crisis, today.

That’s a big claim, I’m just asking you to back it up, but if you’d rather take your ball and go home… then go. We’ll both pretend that’s about me and something I said, rather than you having nothing else to offer.


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> The financial statements show that, for the first time, Hockey Canada has had to include a previously undisclosed fund — the Participants Legacy Trust Fund — in its audited financial report, which showed its balance was $7.5 million as of June.

From the article.