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"Thiel told the FT that his account was frozen on Friday when regulators stepped in and took control of the bank. However, it is once again accessible after the US government stepped in earlier this week and shored up all customer deposits in SVB."

OMG folks....this poor guy didn't have access to about 1 percent of his net worth for ...a whole weekend


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Ai chatbots aren't sentient??? Holy fuck... you're kidding me.... shit

My point..."my guy" is that any system that routinely fucks up as much as AI chat is the result of designers not thoroughly testing. And if it's not ready for prime time . .don't release it

Or is that too direct a concept ..."my guy"

AI chat is just another example of dressing up mounds of processing power to do something that seems cool but is not only flawed but useless.

It kind of sums up the industry really, and in fact most of the IT business right now


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>The chatbot generated a response to an Associated Press reporter that compared them to Hitler, and displayed another response to a New York Times columnist that said, "You're not happily married" and "Actually, you're in love with me."

Welcome to the age of AI stalkers