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Segment taken from galactic hearing 345-989-Terra3

Subject: Induction of 4 new members to galactic parliament sector 4.

Translation: Human English

Briefing given to all participants:

It is stated in galactic law section delta 9 that all sentient species capable of space travel are given 1 seat at parliament. However after further research into terra 4 known to inhabitants as "earth" 4 seats have been offered. This meeting is to settle why 4 seats where offered whilst smoothing over any confusion homo sapiens class humans have over the situation.

The following extract has been taken from the meeting underlining the main subject of conference.


"What do you mean 4 seats. I could understand 2 but not 4" The human known as Sci stammered.

It was at 08:43, mere seconds after Sci's statement did a figure materialise out of shadows stumbling while putting on a tie.

Void hoppers - Notoriously late for everything

"I agree with whatever he said" The figure stammered pointing at Sci. "Void hopper designation code 873532 title Cards, my apologies for my tardiness but me and ties have never gotten along."

The court room as silent. Many had never seen such a pathetic excuse for a nightmare before.

"As I was stating I can understand why terra 3 would get 2 seats but why 4?" The human resumed speaking as they stifled a chuckle.

"We are still await the appearance of 2 other beings. Does anyone have any idea where they are" High councillor Stella spoke just above a whisper to the crowed.


"There was a bit of a situation getting them across to the mortal plain." Another member of the council spoke.

>!"I am right here you imbecilic galactic guppies"!<

Stella sighed as she glanced across the room. "Did someone FORGET to turn on the translator again?"

A common occurrence in the court. For all our technological advancements we have never been good at remembering to actually turn on the damn things.

"As I was saying I am right here" A voice echoed from a chair in the corner. "Dr A.R. McGonnell the local dead scientist present and not accounted for." A thick layer of sarcasm rested on each word.

"We are sorry for that Doctor, you wouldn't happen to know where the last member of your group is would you?" Stella apologised in a nervous tone.

Never wise to anger a ghost.


"She is on her way, just had a few things to put in order" The chair shifted as he spoke. "She said not to wait up."


"I'm sorry but who is speaking and who is she" Sci stammered.

"The ghost on the chair my dear friend. I presume she is referring to death - add least deaths publicity officer" Card whispered patting his friend on the back reassuringly.

Humans - oblivious to most things around them


"No publicity officer today just me, sorry for being late we are rushed of our feat with the recent interstellar wars. So many deaths due to suffocation." A tall slightly scruffy girl said as she walked in holding a costa coffee in one hand and a burrito in the other. "Plus I had to get some breakfast."


"Not at all now we can begin".

The proceeds simply meant each party had to sign there names on many documents. It was rather comedic to watch Sci interact with death herself and a ghost for a scientist. I wonder how humans go on oblivious to all these thing around them. Never the less the reminder of the meeting was fruitful. We just don't quite know how to explain a 5 chair for terra 3 has to be added. Apparently we forgot the dolphins.



(not my best work but I hope you enjoy it all the same :) I decided to make use of characters I have used in previous WPs. I hope you have a good day)


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"Most reapers hate gathering the souls of the young. I will say it is no cakewalk but someone has to do it. Might as well be me. I never did get along much with the younger ones. After 11 they where down to a different reaper, this one was only 9. 9 years old before she was hit by a car. Idiotic parents shouldn't let kids play out in the streets. I have had many requests for games but never have I had one with such taste. A kid wanting to beat Minecraft with me. I would say it was heart warming. If I had a heart that is.

"Are you sure you want to play that game. Ounce we beat it that it." I merely ask this out of respect. I already know what the answerer is.

"Yes! It will be fun I can teach you all the controls."

She was practically bouncing when we got to my home in the void. My room mate was out for the day so we had the gaming system to ourselves.

We played for hours and hours. I was originally going to speed run it (after all death has to have a hobby and mine was gaming) but she had to stop for each small item. Speak to every character and even tame ever dog. It was rather cute. I ran to her defence in the deep dark and she ran to mine as I attempted to farm. We built a farm in the deep dark for me and one in the birch forest above said biome for her.


One day while we where in the nether we completed full Netherite gear. She was so happy that we where now *ready* for the dragon fight. Combat was my strength so as she took down crystals I duelled a dragon. I hardly noticed when I downed the mighty beast and we hopped into the credits.

It was only then I realised. She gave me a big hug and said thankyou. How could I of been so stupid. We had beaten the game.

I am not proud of what I did next. It broke every law we have. I sent her soul into the game itself. That way we could continue playing.


So I stand here in front you, judge, jury and executioners to plead my case. To claim that I shouldn't be decommissioned. She was still harvested and in the subtext I get 3 souls a year for consumption. Well I claim her as my 3rd soul of the year. I just so happen to be watching my weight at the moment." The court fell silent - This was the best case they had had in century's.