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I almost always pack peanut butter, PBJ sandwich, or nuts for plane trips. It's a really great, shelf-stable source of protein and fats which makes it a really great travel food when you can't bring a cooler/ice pack.

Obviously I would keep it sealed if someone on the plane was allergic though. I'm not an AH.


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My family has a similar story. My great aunt kept her salt in the sugar shaker for some odd reason, so when my mom made a cup of coffee for my grandpa at great aunt's house, mom dumped in his usual portion of "sugar" from the shaker. Grandpa took a big gulp, spat it out, and (jokingly) accused my mom of trying to poison him. They went back to the kitchen and figured out that it was salt in the shaker.

He also quietly never let her make him a cup of coffee again for the rest of his life.


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In the future, (and I hope this never happens to you again,) you can go ahead and put the screw into the hole in the pipe that you accidentally drilled and it will plug most of the flow of water and give you time to get to the shutoff with much less water damage.

I imagine you will always drill carefully and stop at the drywall and use a probe to check what's inside from now on though. Something like this sticks with you.


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I had elaborate plans on how to surprise my husband each time and both times ended up just blurting it out when I left the bathroom. Haha.

And not to scare you, but if you have any more abdominal pain like that, I'd go get checked out by your OB or ER ASAP. Abdominal pain in early pregnancy can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy that needs immediate treatment so it doesn't risk your life.


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Oh, I didn't mean to get it professionally colored. You can go to a beauty supply store yourself - somewhere llike Sally's Beauty Supply - and buy the same type of color they would use in a salon. The developer is like $10 for enough to do several color treatments, and then the individual dyes (the color part) are typically around $4-8. If you have shorter hair, those can sometimes do 2 treatments.

The sales people working at my local Sally's have always been super helpful with their advice too. So even if you don't buy stuff, they could possibly point you in the right direction.


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Before you go any further, go over to r/hairdye and get some advice on how to fix it. Because often times there's a way out if you're patient, but black dye all over is not going to be the best route to end up lighter again eventually. If nothing else, at least choose a semi-permanent rather than a permanent color.


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In your zoom settings you should be able to set your default to join with mic off (and video off if you want that too.) That way you have to enable any talking or video yourself rather than being video/mic on as you join.

I always have mine muted by default and push to talk for any talking.


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I had my car window smashed in a parking garage in Vancouver, BC. They didn't take any of the US cash or change, or the sentimental piece of art in the trunk. But they did take some backup diabetes meds and thyroid meds. Jokes on them if they took them hoping for a high.


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Do you have a uterus? Because it sounds like you haven't had bad menstrual cramps before. I have PCOS and sometimes "menstrual cramps" is truly debilitating pain with basically no notice for me thanks to irregular cycles. I've had vomiting from pain, I've passed out from pain, etc. I was definitely not able to work in those conditions. Doctors blew me off for years and just told me it was "normal cramps." Thankfully it's finally diagnosed and I'm able to manage it better than I could as a late teen. But it should 100% be as much of an excuse to miss work as a cold, stomach bug, or other very painful condition.