StarDatAssinum t1_iujiphz wrote

She's using her mental health issues as a crutch at this point to not contribute to the household you BOTH are living in. Something's gotta give with her - either she steps up and assumes more of the household chores, or she gets a job so you don't have to work two jobs. That's it. Your relationship will not be able to continue on the way it has been, it's not fair or sustainable to you.

You need to have a serious conversation with her to discuss all of these things, and make it known what your intentions are if she doesn't follow through. I would assume that means to break up, but it could be that you move out and live on your own without her, or that her budget for whatever she spends money on drastically decreases. But, whatever you decide to do, be firm and stick to your guns, otherwise she'll keep stringing you along like she has.


StarDatAssinum t1_iujh4nh wrote

Maybe she should watch American Psycho to change her mind that attractive, tall, and well-educated men always means that they're good partners.

Personally, this is something I would limit my contact with my mother over. It's incredibly rude, unnecessary of her to even share, and narcissistic.