StarWars_and_SNL t1_ja5o1oz wrote

South Fayette likes to charge extra for the added luxury of overlooking a brownfield.

I’m mostly kidding. It’s just weird having grown up in the poorer areas of SF to now see 7 figure homes being sold across from where the Koppers plant used to be.


StarWars_and_SNL t1_j9oglgt wrote

Their baked goods suck now, barely exist.

They fucked up their cheese sticks.

The Bridgeville location’s salad bar had been closed for so long and when we asked why, the server said the restaurant is due for a remodel and they won’t reopen the salad bar until after that.

Lack of grilled stickies + crappy cheese sticks + no salad bar are the reasons why my family sees no reason to eat there any more. My kids used to beg to go there at least once a week.