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A single plastic product can leach up to 8700 different substances into the water. It totally depends on the materials in particular. Known toxins include bisphenol A (BPA) and PS oligomer, styrene monomer (SM), styrene dimer (SD) and styrene trimer (ST). Styrene is a suspected human carcinogen. Not all substances are yet even catalogarised. But its total toxicity is well known.


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Thats only partly true. The US waste water plans pollute huge amounts of microplastics because they don't implement effective filter systems. The Source of the microplastics are cosmetics and personal care products. Complaining about other continents is easy but maybe put your own house in order first .


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>UV irradiation enhanced the plastics' toxicity, even for samples initially evaluated as toxicologically inconspicuous. The plastic samples caused oxidative stress (85%), baseline toxicity (42%), antiestrogenicity (40%) and antiandrogenicity (27%)

The remaining microplastics are an additional problem.