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Agree 100%. For those who are not familiar with the Vecino Group, please check them out. I have had the pleasure of doing some work for them on several past projects, and each one was beneficial to the community involved…which is literally one of the requirements for any project to be approved. Bruce is a very nice person.


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Mine is scheduled for this Friday at Ferrell-Duncan Urology with Dr. Bailey. I’m excited to get it done, yet a little nervous at the same time. My wife and I have no kids and want to make sure it stays that way.


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Wire Road…decent beer, an excellent atmosphere, and a variety of delicious food trucks keeps me coming back all the time. They even have good coffees in the morning while waiting for breakfast from Backyard Carnivore.

I also like Tie & Timber. Better beer and another great outdoor area, however it just doesn’t have the same energy as Wire Road.


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Backyard Carnivore food truck is my absolute favorite breakfast bite. They tend to frequent Wire Road Brewing on the weekends. My go to would either be the trashbrowns or the biscuits and gravy (The Albert)…however I’ve never had a bad thing from them.