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There is some potential legal issues if you scrape someone else’s data to train your AI. If your users signed the ToS there is no legal recourse so they can use anything.


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Too late for what? It’s only too late if humanity stops working on the solve.

Is it going to get worse before it gets better? Yeah I’m with you there, it probably will.

So what can we do? Work harder at turning it around and not let up or just give up and die?

You think people are passively saying ‘well this one band aid is obviously enough, good job’ there are tons of sectors looking for ways to forestall disaster and we need all of the fixes in the toolbox.

Emission reduction is a requirement because you can’t clean up the mess if the hose is still spraying everywhere while you are trying to mop it up. There are also lots of ideas for cleaning up the mess as well which are all great, and we can work on all phases of the project at the same time!

It may take centuries to undo what we’ve done in the last 100 years but we are actually starting to believe we can turn things around, and with constant applied pressure to a large enough lever you can move the world.

But would you kindly get off the wrong side of the lever? It works better with us all pushing over here instead of undermining those who are attacking the problem from all sides.


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Por que no los dos?

You say typically not worth it.

I hear typically not worth it, yet.

For things that move, lightweight is very important.

For houses I agree efficiency per area is more important.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t uses for this tech, just means it won’t revolutionarily replace rooftop panels.

But I’m in favor of all research in this sector, every innovation adds to the toolkit a renewable future might need.


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Oh shit, I better take down the blow up dragon with a Santa hat on it. Wouldn’t want people to assume I actually go to church because I put up Christmas TM decorations and am being disrespectful to those who celebrate other holidays…

Lights are there to bring a smallest ounce of joy to anyone who is capable of seeing shiny things and go, oh that’s nice.


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So I’ve got an idea, no no, no boiling water required.

We build a lever, like a giant one, and attach a system of gears to harness all the energy from when the lever is pressed, then we go up into space and carve an asteroid into bits and throw them using science to accurately hit the lever, and produce electricity, easy peasy. Only need good old fashioned kinetics, and none of this newfangled boiling water tech.


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Still a raw inedible pizza.

It’s a frozen pizza not ‘a pizza’ the adjective matters in this context.

I can’t eat what you are showing me without cooking it and if I ordered a pizza at a restaurant and they brought me a frozen raw pizza then I’m mad because that’s not what anyone expects when they are offered a pizza.

If I ordered a frozen pizza to go give me the frozen thing, but you pedanticness is complicating the matter rather than clarifying anything.