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Also we make so Much extra by the summer we have $100-200 in credits to work off of even before it gets super sunny so the price increase doesn’t impact negatively- our net metering credits take care of that. As I said we don’t lease. A lease says company x puts your system in for free and you pay a lower fixed amount (ie we have friends in Wakefield who leased and pay 70 a month which is still lower and they didn’t have install costs).

We’re getting a battery this month and RIE then sends us 1400 a year to have us run on battery when there’s stress on the grid on hot days.


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We’ve been paid off since 2019. Before tax credit and grants I think it was 12k? Break even point was 2020 (we paid it off early) but we were already paying less per month to pay it off then we had been paying on pre solar elec. so it wasn’t costing us “more” to finance it. The money was going out to NG anyway even if we hadn’t bought a system so it’s not like skipping it was going to “save” money. And tax credit is now even higher than it was. When we installed it was only 22% now it’s 30%.


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We were already paying less than our Monthly bill has averaged out to since day 1 so were already saving money. Paid off in year 4. So yes we have free electricity. Not to mention the environmental impact. Healthy tax credits for installation and a state grant as well made paying it off even easier.


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They probably have a leased system which is tied to lower rates. We own ours outright and haven't had a bill since installation in 2016. So much for your reading comprehension skills and assumptions. But you do you. A leased system the company that installed them is getting most of the credit - buy your system and it's a better deal in the long run.


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It was framed as giving people an option to on street park (which had previously been banned altogether) but then they let streets opt out on a street by street basis (except for ‘artery’ streets like Hope which you still can’t park on overnight but tbh that’s also spotty enforcement). And supposed to keep landlords from blacktopping their yards / which also didn’t stop. So the old “guest parking” for 5x a month if you called the PD and have them a heads up disappeared but basically most of The east side voted no anyway and I also don’t think the city got as many people opting in for stickers as they thought (if I remember correctly) so it also wasn’t a big Money maker for the city. They should just allow on street sticker parking across the board. This opt out If you happen to live on the street ten+ years ago when they voted was BS.


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Yeah….. but doesn’t basically every f*ing corporation do the same these days? This isn’t as compelling as headline claims (go local usual grain of salt.). So the company donates to GOP / as did most major airlines etc / any industry that wants to skirt regulations or supervision. That’s it? It’s more meta GOP ties than desantis specifically.


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Anyone already using Greenup with RIE? I'm assuming that would mean dumping them (and the resulting tax deduction you get) or sticking with RIE...I think? RIE's billing is definitely more opaque that NG was - it longer list lists exactly how many solar credits which get (which NG used to "show their work") - it's sketchy.