Stayvfraw t1_iya4bpn wrote

If you’re willing to sacrifice the quality of every other aspect of your life, such as housing and food; yes, you can afford it.

But of everything else in your life you can invest $100k in (your health, your education, your retirement, your home, your future children, your friends, your family, your real investments) is your vehicle really where you want to spend $100k? which with interest will be $200k?

Were I you, I’d make a budget defining ALL my expenses, including how much i want to put toward savings and my retirement, and see how much money you’ll have left at the end of the month. Then I’d ask what vital parts of my life would benefit most from additional sums.

Then I’d allocate that much more to those areas, and once I’m satisfied that everything is taken care of and I have “free” money at the end of the month, i’d check to see if that’s enough to afford the vehicle i want

If it ain’t, I need more money; if it is, I’ll look into it