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Mediaset/Berlusconi. Berlusconi's TVs had a massive role in importing and popularise anime in Italy (and other European countries, like in Spain), and the company responsible for the recording of the songs was owned by Berlusconi as well. So she simply worked for a single company that distributed hundreds of animated series. Mediaset even produced several albums with the theme songs from animated series


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>It makes me wonder about the first time other languages were documented.

The oldest document in Italian (or better in vernacular, because Italian didn't exist at that time) is about the ownership of some lands by a monastery


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Well, it was Italy during the Renaissance, you don't keep your power with just paintings and party machines (Leonardo was also a great party organiser), they have much less business value than a giant crossbow.


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Yes, the visa is the authorisation you get to enter a country. It is also what (charta) visa literally means in Latin "a paper document that has been checked". In Italian the term is visto which means seen/checked. There also is the exit visa, which has the opposite scope, the foreign country controls that you don't have anything pending (eg a fine) before leaving the country. But exit visa are rarely required.


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Visa policy is based on trust, I trust you, so your citizens can enter my country without the need of a visa. Then more countries you can visit without visa (or just visa on arrival, which is nothing more than a fee to enter, no background check as per normal visa), higher is the level of trust in your country.


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I would say the opposite, compared to similar cities, like NYC or London or Paris, Tokyo is "cheap". I'm going there for NYE and my hotel (4* in Ginza) is 140 USD/night. Find something similar in Manhattan and you would easly pay double. I'm paying something similar for a 3* in London, but not in the centre (zone 3), and my 4* in New Orleans will cost me 360 USD/night (!!!).

Then food is quite cheap, you can easily eat for 10 USD or less. Transport is expensive, but the Japan Rail Pass covers Tokyo as well.


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Because the Egyptian government hasn't proposed them. Unesco sites are not selected by Unesco, but the different governments must propose them, and then the Unesco member states will vote for them. So, to have more Egyptian sites on the list, first the Egyptian government must select (tentative list) and propose them for selection (nomination).