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It was not inches, it was clearly a full yard. As he was tackled and rolled on the ground you can see the point of contact his knee touches the ground he was a full yard away. People only show the picture of him fully stretched out after he was already downed.

Edit: Downvote all you want, the term inches is usually referred to extremely short. While it was a full yard away, the picture is always deceptive to make it look closer is all I was trying to point out


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>The two industries are nothing alike and there’s nothing that indicates that what happens to one will happen to the other as well.

I mean advancements in farming equipment and technology did reduce the need for an abundance of farmhand workers, so it's a near comparison to say that advancing technology in any field will reduce the need for manpower.

It sucks but the more advanced we get the more people will lose their jobs and the rich get richer. Nothing will change this