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Honestly i think its more the fact that there are so few good shows nowadays. Im really enjoying TLOU. Its better than 95% of shows on right now. Its still nowhere near breaking bad or game of thrones though. the bar has really been lowered in the past few years. We are all stranded at sea close to death from dehydration. When you give us a glass of pretty good water it makes us think its the best thing in the world.


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I tried inside job and thought it was a really cool premise but they did really bad on the execution of it, disenchanted again seems like it could have been decent but the actual dialogue and writing sucked, I tried that one tuca and Lola or something like that and was not a fan. Velma was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Paradise PD I also wasn’t a fan of.

I haven’t seen pantheo so I can’t say how that was but I will say primal was good. I didn’t love it in the sense that I’m not a huge fan of the no talking thing but I could tell there was real quality there and did enjoy episodes. It’s not something I can binge watch but every once in a while I go back to it for another episode. Amazon also has decent ones with invincible being really really good and vox machina being half way between mediocre and good. Pretty much all the Netflix and HBO ones that I’ve seen are pretty awful with the exception of primal though.


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It would be great if we got a more centrist candidate in there. Daily show has gotten too koolaid drinking democrat since Trevor took over. That’s part of why it’s wained in its popularity (that and there just is no replacing John Stewart).