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They’re similar, maybe a bit more like a Gregg’s bake in form factor, but I find the crust on these not as tough as a Cornish pastie - that said, I don’t remember the last time I was down a mine holding a pastie by its crimped edge…

However, I’m in NYC, where it seems like nobody sells Cornish pasties, these are a good alternative.


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A huge overgrown tree has done a number on the neighbor we share a driveway with. Their sidewalk is pushed up nearly a foot on one side, it also pushed up the dipped curb so they scrape the bottom of their stupid Maserati every time they drive in and out and there are exposed roots in their lawn and the driveway. The branches are also too close to the Coned lines and Verizon lines. The branches also hang over my side of the driveway and birds think it's so much fun to eat berries and drop bombs all over my car. Plus the trunk's bark is peeling off.

I've had that same 311, Verizon and Coned experience. Apparently we can get a private arborist to file for a permit and get the work done, but I have no idea what that'll cost.


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There was a Budget box van parked on the corner of our block, over the dipped curb for the pedestrian crossing. I called after a week with the license tag and told Budget. The ticket was closed with no information. Called again a week later, closed again. Finally reported it to the police a month later, they came over, knocked on my door and asked about it. I told them it hadn't moved for over a month, it made it dangerous for pedestrians and was parked illegally. They ran the plates, saw it was stolen (apparently reported stolen before my first 311 call) and it was towed later that day.


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I had a different kind of issue a few years ago. Went to play tennis with my wife in an actual tennis court, 3 courts used by people playing tennis, the last one being used by some 30-40 year old guys doing cricket batting practice. We waited for a court to free up, this dude doing his Sachin Tendulkar impressions, swinging for sixes in a fucking tennis court with people around and no nets to stop the balls. I say "oi this isn't a fucking batting cage" after one of his shitty slogs nearly hits a kid. He yells at me, I throw his ball out the courts and they went into the empty handball court instead.