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Right telling her she didn’t do enough to prevent this is not necessary. It’s not that big of a deal either. It seems rather obvious. It is her choice to do what she pleases and she chose to have a child.

In this job you know that you won’t be able to help your team for a year. You know that could have consequences for your career just like missing a season with an injury would.

You don’t choose to get injured but you can choose to have a kid. It’s cold but as a woman in this setting you have to be prepared to have your commitment questioned.

Your family should be more important than your job. However in this competitive of a career you have to realize there are other people willing to make sacrifices that you are not.

There isn’t anything wrong with either choice but it is a choice she made. It seems she just didn’t expect these consequences and now she’s lashing out.


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It makes sense to question these things. If you don’t want to get criticized or questioned professional sports is not the job for you. People question these things in their employees all the time. Sometimes it’s warranted sometimes it’s not.

She is a role player. She averaged 1 point and rebound per game in the WNBA finals. Of course I had no idea who she was until now but it took me all of 10 seconds to realize she is not a star.

As a role player you aren’t going to get treated like a star player. If you can’t play it makes sense to trade you to a team that is on a different timeline of being competitive, for a player that can help you now.

Do you think we ever would have heard these complaints had she not been traded?


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She provides zero information that shows us anything other than she’s mad at being traded.

These “allegations” came out hours after being traded. But I can’t make sense of what the allegations actually are. Could you elaborate perhaps?

She was promised things to entice her to sign her contract? What kind of things? Cuz you know that’s kinda the reason for a contract in the first place.

She was accused of signing the contract pregnant? That makes sense to hide when they are going pay you 2 years worth of pay for one year of work. Maybe she was unaware at the time either way it’s inconsequential because she signed the contract that Vegas had to honor.

“I was asked if I planned my pregnancy. When I responded, 'no,' I was then told that I 'was not taking precautions to not get pregnant.' I was being traded because 'I wouldn't be ready and we need bodies.'"

This is factual but somehow seems like her main gripe. She thinks she is ready. They don’t think she is. If she actually was ready they would have no reason to trade her in the first place.

Seems like she thinks she is better than she is in reality. Then she got reality checked by getting traded. Then she started throwing out vague ass accusations as payback.


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No I read it…I’m just reading between the lines.

I don’t see how she was lied to or manipulated based on what she said. You could argue she was discriminated against for getting pregnant I guess.

Bottom line is they didn’t think she’d be ready to play. She disagreed and said they were questioning her work ethic. They traded her for someone they thought was ready to play.

She says she is not upset about getting traded but it seems like that simply isn’t the case. What else exactly is she upset about? It doesn’t make sense to me.


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I’m pretty sure having a baby is more than just a 9 month process in terms of training for basketball. You don’t just pop the baby out and go back to balling like nothing happened.

It’s pretty much a lost season for the player. They have to get back in game shape. You can understand why Vegas (who is the defending champion) wouldn’t be thrilled about this.

You can also understand why the player isn’t happy they traded her for getting pregnant.


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I imagine the extensive training you need to drill for oil is only a step or 57 behind going to space.

Without that Aerosmith song I think Armageddon is very forgettable and I had the VHS and watched it at least 5 times.


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Armageddon is not that good. The entire premise that they need to train these guys to be astronauts (which is like super difficult) is ridiculous.

Also the trope of someone having to self detonate the thing that will surely kill you was already overdone in the 90s.

It’s fine for what it is but not on the level of those two at all in my opinion.