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We were hit and run a couple years go in Portsmouth. I had to nag Portsmouth police to do anything to this guy. At the time of the accident, I had a description of the vehicle and a partial NJ plate number. Their car had some significant front passenger nose.

That night I posted on the Portsmouth FB page looking for dash cam footage. Someone reported that another person posted about a Jeep, same color, with that had been towed from his dead end street with matching damage (radiator damage???). This guy thought it was so weird that he wrote down: the license plate number, description of driver, the name of the tow company, the make, model and license plate number of the car that picked him up and a description of the driver.

I called the police with all that information and was told “we can’t do anything because the guy was already left the scene”. I pushed the issue. Ended up that the car belonged to Enterprise and had been rented out at the time. The driver had reported that HE was hit and run while parallel parked in Boston. Enterprise thought was suspicious since it was significant RIGHT side damage. When the police questioned him, he initially lied and said a friend was driving at the time. He was finally arrested. By the time we got the police report and were able to settle everything with insurance, it was about 4 months.

Sorry to hijack your post, just wanted to share that it seems to be a statewide issue and for drivers to push the issue


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CHARGED, not convicted. Fung was charged with vehicular manslaughter but not indicted. Mommy and Daddy paid out the lawsuit. One was charged with stealing, one with charged with killing a person


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I live in neighboring Tiverton. We had Tiverton Taxpayers Association that was equally sucky and far right. They might still exist but the two main people got kicked off the town council. We “won” because their followers were as dumb as rocks. There was a petition to hold a recall election which passed. However, in order for the election to be valid, a certain percentage of voters had to actually vote. So what did the TTA do??? They urged their followers to NOT VOTE so that the election would be invalid. More than enough people showed up and 95% of them voted to recall these clowns. It was epic. There was even a photo of one of the clowns standing outside the poling place in the rain all by himself. It was epic.


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Not in Providence but An Unlikely Story is a really cool little bookstore. If you’re kids ever read the Diary of Wimpy Kid books, the author owns this store. They have all genres, not just kids and a really good little cafe