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Passively safe reactors should be the future of electricity generation. Modern reactors are designed so that the job of the operators is to “fight” the reactor to make it more reactive. If they walk away or are incapacitated, the reactor brings itself into a steady, low-power state. But whenever people think of nuclear power, they only think of Chernobyl…


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I think UBI is where we’ll eventually end up, but I can’t see the transition being something smooth. I am anticipating some kind of economic collapse to rival the Great Depression, followed by a period of civil unrest, that (hopefully) turns into a near post-scarcity economy.


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I can get why soldiers currently in the field who are being transitioned to it hate it, but I’d be curious if new soldiers who would be trained on this equipment from the start would see any improvement in effectivity compared to soldiers who were trained without it.


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You’re kind of way off on how AlphaGo works. It wasn’t programmed with any knowledge of good vs bad moves in Go at all. It was programmed with the basic rules, and then played against itself millions of times, each time adjusting its neural network so that it learned how to make the best move in any given position.


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The only scary thing about a fission reactor on the moon is getting fuel there. Rockets are definitely moving in the direction of being safer, but a rocket loaded with enriched uranium, if it were to explode during lift-off, would potentially contaminate a massive piece of land with radioactive material. Even if a rocket only fails 1/100th of the time, that’s still a huge gamble to make.


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Dumb question, but wouldn’t the best use of old Christmas trees be to just use them directly as fuel. They’re just wood. Can they just be thrown into the furnace of a power plant?


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The thing I keep worrying myself about is that any AI doesn’t need to be perfect to be threatening to peoples jobs, it just needs to be better and cheaper. We’re definitely heading to cheaper, and given that ChatGPT is already being used by students to help with essay writing, we’re not that far off from it being better.


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General purpose AI. Imagine being a doctor or scientist or lawyer and not needing to read through a dozen papers to find the one piece of information you need.

Think of “the computer” from Star Trek that had every piece of information available at a single vocal command. That it what a general purpose AI could offer.