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Lol, that pretty much is how it works, though. Not that it's quick or easy, not at all, but consciously and consistently making a decision to let go of the things that cause you anxiety is literally one of the best ways to train your brain to work differently beyond medication.


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I mean, I've got tons of it, but most people aren't diy people, especially ones that live in apartments and come on here asking about filling holes.

I agree that holes larger than nail/pin size are appropriate to fill and said as much in my previous comment. I wouldn't make holes that size in an apartment wall though, and so wouldn't have much use for filler if I lived in one. And, if a landlord is asking for pin holes to be patched, toothpaste is as good as anything, considering that it's a completely unnecessary task in the first place.


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Because most people don't have that on hand while they are in the middle of packing up their lives and moving out. It's also a dumb thing for a landlord to ask for in the first place. I've moved plenty of times into new houses, and never one time has it ever even crossed my mind to cover up nail holes from the previous owner, because you usually just put another picture over top of them anyway. Wall anchors are a different story, but making a big deal about nails and pinholes is just ridiculous.


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Really? Well I heard somewhere that is actually a re-skin of Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic. It was adapted to be SMB2 in the US as Howard Phillips thought the original SMB2 would be too difficult for an American casual audience. The original SMB2 was released as SMB: the lost levels in the USA and the US version was released as SMB: USA in Japan.


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You said they should be limited to a single 4 year term. This in practice means that nobody in Congress will have more Ethan 4 years of experience being a member of the house. That's absurd and is not how the Senate works so I don't know where you got that from.

Additionally, it wasn't even a law that they were circumventing it was a personal decision for Rayburn not to accept gifts. Your comparison to modern Congress just doesn't make any sense at all.


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You think it would be a good idea for the entirety of congress to turnover every 4 years? Do you realize how much of a shit show that would be, even compared to our current system? I realize that there's this push going on to get rid of career politicians, and replace them with "regular people" but we do actually need some people in Washington that know how the system works.

Also, I don't even agree that the "workaround" is abhorrent, as you say. The purpose of limiting the size of a gift is so that an elected official does not feel obliged to act in the interest of the gift giver rather than their own constituents. If the cost of the gift is spread over a couple hundred people who all have different priorities, then the issue of being beholden to any one of them is mostly nullified. It's not remotely the same as the shit that goes on today with lobbyists in Washington. Your take on this makes no sense at all.


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"Good Value" is very relative, though. You can't compare what something costs today vs 80 years ago to determine whether it's a good deal, you have to compare it to what else you can get for your money today.


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Lol. When moved in, my kitchen had TWELVE 5000K 48" Fluorescents. It's not a large kitchen either, maybe 10' x 14'. I immediately removed all but two and it was still ridiculous until installed 3200k down cans shortly after. I think some people don't want to admit that their eye sight is degrading so they just put more lights in.


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Lol, I sure didn't make any mistake. I asked what code you were referring to since you seemed to be stating that the new dishwasher requires all wiring it connects to to be brought up to code. If I thought you were referring to j-box size, I'd have told you you were wrong to begin with.

Also, the "trouble" of opening mine up was three screws. What kind of lazy electrician are you, anyway? I told you you're making shit up, because you are. You're all over this post citing nec and so far you've been wrong more than you've been right.

Edit: I also just saw your other comment about the space required being 13.25in^3. that's not correct either, because you are assuming the clamp is inside the box, which it usually is not, especially on a small box. With a very common size being around 2"x2"x3", I'd wager that just about any dishwasher j-box is big enough or very close to it.