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What are you questioning here? The point is self explanatory. Sports teams are for their own sake. There are communities in the school based around them. Not everyone in the school partakes. I sure as hell didn't. You go to dances to hang out with your social group - not necessarily anyone else from the school. You don't buy your yearbook just to have a picture of Timmy from a different class in a different year who you never talked to once in your entire career there.

I could better see this argument made for a university perhaps, as you get to choose where you go to college, and based off that fact alone you have something in common with your fellow students in that you all made the decision to choose that university.

However this only tangentially related to the point at hand, and you've dodged the legitimacy of my actual argument; no pushing your personal belief systems on the kids no matter how right you are or believe yourself to be. Tell them that you're trans, that you were born that way, and that you deserve the same respect as everyone else on the faculty. Don't make them watch biased propaganda videos. That's never okay no matter who is doing it. That's not what school is for. School is to learn.

As for the honestly fucking dumb 'pods' point, you still need human teachers to answer questions and grade papers. The kids still need to be around and interact with each other to socialize and learn about the rules and expected behaviors in society.

However your teacher isn't your friend; they're your teacher. I can't go out and have drinks with my direct manager. Why? Because it's a conflict of interest. In the real world there are going to be people you're going to have to interact and show a level of respect towards who will not be your friend, and at school kids should be taught a certain level of professionalism with their teachers.

Personally I was blessed to have an instructor, an amazing person, who I hung out with on several occasions after school. Sometimes he'd take some of us to Dennys and we'd discuss projects we were working on, or he even helped some of his students out with some tough personal situations. At Dennys, or at the independence day parade, or wherever else he was David. In the classroom, however, he was always 'sir' or 'Mr.___', and we treated him professionally and with respect.


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Schools are communities? That's laughable. There might be communities within schools but a school is not a community. A school is a percentage (or the whole depending on size) of a town's population of children. That's not a community. That's like saying the state of Arizona is a community.

You being personally related to teachers or hanging out with teachers outside of school has no bearing on what is appropriate in a classroom. There is a difference between even briefly talking about your personal life if it's relevant to something related to the class and making students watch (possibly politically themed) TikToks. I certainly don't want conservatives doing it (especially creationists. Imagine a creationist science teacher making students watch Christian TikTok?) and we don't need to be doing it either. Class is for learning the material. If the teacher wants to hang out with the kids and show them TikToks she can do it on her own time outside of the classroom.