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I routinely achieve something like this on the food assembly line at work - balancing cooking more beef on the grill, chicken in fry cats with toasting buns & assembling food, I end up in a sort of calm ‘Center of the typhoon’ mode. Until someone comes in and tries to help.

Edit: Just noticed ‘fry cats’


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From what I have read, the rising rates of RSV, scarlet fever (strep A?) flu etc are due to a lot of people being exposed AT THE SAME TIME.

Prior to CoVid, everyone was exposed and fell sick at fairly constant rates (all thing being equal, such as weather, etc). Then for 18-24 months a significant proportion of the population took non-medical measures to avoid infections (masks, socdist, handsanitising). When we all stopped (most of us anyway), this gave the reservoirs of the various diseases massive numbers of potential victims to infect, especially in schools.