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I think it’s a polarizing game. It looked interesting. I came in not knowing anything about it. 2 loops in, I was done. I think it gives you a certain amount of time before it resets. I just simply didn’t enjoy enough to put up with that. YMMV.


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Says almost same projects in Europe take about 3 Billion worst case. And this costs 7 Billion…

“But the eye-watering price tag means the MTA can’t break ground until it scores $3.4 billion from the Biden administration.”

There we go. Need to justify grabbing as much fed gov’t money as possibly with bullshit and inefficiency.


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Ah shoot, how did I miss the auction? Dammit. I was so close too, I’m short $189,999,900 and change from what was in my wallet.

E: from the article…

"I didn't want to miss this iconic moment," said Tom Brady, a real estate broker from Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

I see Tom is staying busy in retirement.


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My parents bought their house for 200k in late 90s. Before then we lived in Brooklyn. By the time I was looking for homes in the area, maybe 2012 or 2013, they were 750k average. Now over a million. So yeah, it’s been crazy trying to stay in the neighborhood.


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Been there for more than 2 decades actually.

E: to address those kitschy stores - Ridgewood has had stores open and close every year. I remember Ridgewood theater, I remember FYE, the Wendy’s before current one, ABC moving 3 times, KMart, even a damn beepers store. A decade ago, there were like 4 locations of Esparks (like Starbucks, but blue). So it’s not just last 4 years. It’s been like this as far as I remember.


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The article is weird as it paints Ridgewood in a way that it seems like a victim. First off, it’s not gentrifying. Prices going up is not a sign of gentrification in itself. Rent burden is lower in Ridgewood than neighboring areas as well as borough - meaning the area is more affluent even if it’s not in Manhattan standards. I will say that yes, housing did triple, and rent is stupid high. That has not happened overnight, this is 2+ decades of constant increases.

Secondly, it fails to go into history of Ridgewood which has historically been occupied by Italian and German populations before Hispanic populations in mid-2000s. The Hispanic population is still large, but like the German and Italian populations, gave way to new expats, with increasing Black population from Bushwick to the west. There have also been expats from different states as well but no not “general white people” whatever that means.


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Workers: we want more money Company: you aren’t important Workers: we’ll strike for a day and you lose millions! Company: a drop in a bucket in the billions we make Random people: fuck us, right? I mean, you could pick us up, charge cash, and not share it with Lyft/Uber or whatever. Workers: no, fuck you in particular just because you didn’t know we were striking.


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Lmao, did you ever take the yellow cab? I have. Had to explain to him where my neighborhood was and the guy didn’t use GPS. No phone, nothing built into the car. It’s nightmare. There’s a reason people refuse to take them, and I learned the hard way not even 4 years ago.

Besides, how are tourists who only going to be in NY once in a decade suppose to learn? That’s just a stupid take.


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As a kid, it might have been an NES tanks game where you could make your own maps. That or Pokémon Blue, which was my only GBC game for few years. Later F-Zero GX, perhaps, trying to unlock everything. Nowadays, Bloons TD 6, because I keep it running while I do other things!


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Powering through last quarter to third of the game (skipping side quests, skipping conversations), finishing it, then feeling bad that I didn’t enjoy the last portions of the game and now it’s too late. If only games were shorter or didn’t feel like they are overstaying their welcome with dragged out final acts.