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Sinsemilla has entered the chat.

With cannabis there are female plants and Male plants. In the old days you planted seeds and waited to see if it had Male tops then pulled up all the males. Then the female flowers won't get pollinated, no seeds, sin semilla in Spanish.

Nowadays it's all grown from clones, cuttings that are rooted. All female.


Strandom_Ranger t1_j73vwzi wrote

You want permanent and no flame? Propress. The crimping tool will set you back some $$ though.

I work in an old hotel, we have a few sharkbite valves on hand for emergencies. We will solder or now Propress, a "real" valve on later.

I have never seen a sweat copper joints can fail, it's a workmanship issue for those.

I have 3" copper joints that have weeped for years, decades. Big joints are hard to heat up and solder properly. They haven't gotten worse and some day we'll shut the whole building down to fix.