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The unborn child does not have the right to use the mother's organs to sustain itself if she does not want it to. And pregnancy is dangerous for women. It's the mother's choice whether it stays inside her or not.

And why not consider male masturbation/ ejaculating into a condom mass murder? Why is a sperm only considered an "unborn child" the moment it touches an egg and its the woman's problem?


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I never said it wasn't a human, I said so long as it's a part of the mother's body it's her choice of what to do with it. Getting an abortion is alwayse an emergency "something-has-gone-wrong" occasuon wether it be an accidental pregnancy or the wanted fetus is not viable and may be putting the mother in danger. Anti abortion laws hinder life saving procedures.

If you care about life then surely you care that Anti abortion laws kill women


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>People can deal with the consequences of their own actions, i didnt make them go out and get pregnant.

So a smoker shouldn't be allowed to get treatment for lung cancer? A drunk driver shouldn't get medical treatment when they crash? Those are consequences of ther actions. Oh wait no those things can also happen to men...