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You've passed "willful ignorance" and are rounding the corner into "suspected learning disability."

Yes, armed home invasions do happen. They are exceedingly rare. One could be happening in my home, right now, as I type this, and it would have no bearing on how often they do or do not occur. Do you understand that?

That you're fixated on a single instance indicates an emotional response, not one rooted in reality. I prefer my public policy based on facts.


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Guns ain't drugs. People enmeshed in the criminal element will likely still be able to find them, but the mentally ill who become mass shooters only get their hands on these weapons because society allows them to. And for criminals, why make it easy for them?

Home invasions are exceedingly rare. Your insecurities aren't justification for public policy that costs lives.

And anyways, if you're using a rifle to defend your house you're doing it wrong.


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No, they were bred for the ability to be violent, which I don't think anyone can dispute they have. It's a very different thing than being violent.

They were also bred to be docile with humans because yeah, when you're breeding for physicality, you probably don't want that creature turning on you.

Behavior is also an extremely complex thing and can't be reduced to an either/or attribution, too.