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Of course they are going to rebrand it. Eugenics as a word has so much negative baggage this may be the first time i didnt get downvoted to hell when i said its not a bad thing.

And thats why we have to push for this technology to be available to everyone, so the class divide wouldnt get so wide. The rich is going to use it whether we like it or not, the only way we can equalize the field is if we use it ourselves.


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If AI is artificially limited from considering women in comedic situations it will end up having unpredictable results when the model will have to consider women in comedic situations as part of some other task given to AI.

An example would be if you were to have AI solve crime situation, but said situation would have aspect to it that included what humans would find comedic.


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Let me twist this a bit.

"New hospital, cool right, but when you remember that you are the one paying for other peoples poor life choices its depressing."

"New school cool right, but when you remember this results in parents driving their children across town to it polluting everyones slung in the process it's depressing"

"New houses cool right, but when you remember that they look like something soviets buit in the 60s and the city architect simply rubberstamps any project coming across his desk it's depressing"

"New festival cool right, but when you remember the noise pollution will make sure you are sleep deprived for a week it's depressing."


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Unless you live in a palce like the town i live in where the local news that are portrayed as something good isnt if you actually know whats being done. Stuff like "new infrastructure". Sounds good right? except its designed to be anti-pedestrian repeating same mistakes our city architect swore not to do years ago.