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Look at the northern end of the Orange Line or the southern end of the Red Line.

How many bedrooms are you looking for? That budget might be tough.


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We had one Dunkin Donuts in the nearby town when I was growing up in Vermont in the 90s. I remember it being so amazing whenever I got to go while tagging along on a trip to the grocery store, bookstore, DMV, etc.

I still don't for sure if my memories of those donuts are so much better than these days just cause I was a dumb kid and it was sugary or because they got that much worse when they stopped baking them onsite.


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When I moved nearby I tried out the one in Medford, my first experience with the chain. I spent like $40 on getting a bunch of items and didn't eat more than two bites out of any of them before throwing it all away, walking out, and never stepping foot in them again. At that point I had not heard anyone else's negative opinion of the place to bias me in that direction


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You have some weird selective sight that has let you completely block out the explanation they gave from two separate comments. Here it is again, for a third time:

>"The winner who picks the closest date/hour gets 50% of the total pool. The rest will benefit the Stowe Rotary Scholarship Fund."

Edit: LMAO, the baby blocked me over this.


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We aren't, but you also literally can't without sprawling too far from the central areas to be able to commute. That's why we need multifamily housing, as denser land use lets more people be close to the target location. It's also why single families would naturally be more expensive than a unit of multifamily (since they represent a potential of many more units of redeveloped), but that's absent the artificial influence of zoning.


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> Many of these other commenters already have their beliefs and are unwilling to have them challenged by deflecting or posting one (1) study that aligns with their beliefs.

This is a much better description of OP than the commenters.


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>If they don't want to comply, they can request the MBTA close the station down then.

Sounds like they might be dumb enough to do that:

>The Select Board has been vocal in recent years about its disapproval of the MBTA’s South Coast rail project, which will add a new commuter rail station in the town, as well as other South Coast towns like New Bedford and Taunton. (Middleborough already has one operational commuter rail station.) The Planning Board voted in 2021 to send a letter to the MBTA expressing their discontent with the project, and even weighed public displays of activism to prevent the station from opening. (The station is under construction and set to open later this year).


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Years ago I signed up as a new patient at the CHA in Malden. A week later I tore my Achilles (though I didn't realize that's what it was at the time). I spent 3 months trying to get them to see my sooner so they could look at my pulled calf muscle. By the time I finally got them to see me, the tear had retracted too far and it hurt the repair prospects.

A couple years later I hit my shoulder snowboarding and it didn't improve a couple weeks later. They wouldn't let me come in to the office because of COVID and only offered me a televisit, which is useless for a physical I section of my shoulder pain. That eventually healed on its own. A few months ago I had extreme digestive issues and pain, and tried to get in. They told me I was no longer considered a patient because I hadn't been in to see them in too long, and it would be 4+ months before I could get an appointment as a "new" patient reminder: I tried to go in previously and they wouldn't let me. This time I went to urgent care and ended up getting emergency surgery for an abscess.

On the other hand, the surgeon I had in the Cambridge location did a great job on my Achilles repair given how long it was between the rear and the diagnosis. The physical therapist I saw at the Malden location afterwards was also great.

Tldr: in my experience, their primary care is worthless and never has appointments.