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A couple. Out of how many incidents in the world? Like I'm happy that people got saved, but to act like this feature is so revolutionary is blowing the feature out of proportion a whole hell of a lot. No one is gonna switch from android to iPhone to get this feature when you can buy an emergency transponder that also connects to satellites for a couple hundred bucks. Like, it's a nice feature to have, but it's moreso a "huh, neat" than a "this is the only reason I will buy this phone"

Android fan boys stop acting like this feature is so dumb, it's objectively a good feature, and Apple fan boys stop acting like this is the greatest feature ever. It's a good feature, but it's not that good.


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How in the hell is a satellite emergency phone so useful that you use the feature as a comparison point in the same way you would use a headphone jack? 911 already routes through any signal regardless so you would have to be out of reception from ANY cell phone tower, which means that help is probably not coming fast even if you did call for it.


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So when those mink destroy the local wildlife and drive species to extinction, collapsing the local ecology and eventually all those mink just starve because they've outcompeted the local wildlife, what then? Is that dipshit still a Saint?

Don't be stupid. Don't solve one problem by creating a far worse problem.