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Then the graph is confusing because the labelled arnt the same with no markers to distinguish differences.

You put in movies which makes the graph appear to be a chronology based on movies and tv shows. You then randomly add in Han Solo only, also using just Solo which there is a movie which gives the reader the assumption that you are tracking where the movie falls in the chronology rather than the character. Its not internally consistent.

Better to keep them separate graphs or at least have distinct markings to differentiate between characters and movies/shows and also include other characters. We know Luke and Leia were born at the end of episode 3 and both live to the end of episode 8 for example. Vader and Obi Wan are born some time before episode 1 and Obi Wan lives until one third of episode 4 and Vader until end of episode 6. Palps is pre-episode 1 to episode 6 with his clone then born and then dies at the end of episode 9.


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Are you talking about Solo the character or Solo the movie because those are two different things.

Solo the character spans from mid episode 3 to basically episode 7 (and 9 if you count ghosts I guess) but the movie is a small segment after 3 and before 4.

Obi Wan storywise takes place only post episode 3 pre episode 4 although there are flashbacks to moments between episode 2 and 3 (the training scene).

There is no Obi Wan youth movie but there are youth books covering his time period from trainee just becoming Qui Gon’s apprentice to episode 1 although this might be considered legends now. Also, going into that territory is another can of worms since there are alot of Star Wars books (there is also one covering Anakin’s early years between episode 1 and 2 for example).


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Yes until episode 3. Episode 3 is a pretty big milestone where things occur before or after it and not really concurrent.

Obi wan is distinctly after episode 3, as is Rogue one and solo (actually Rogue One should be after Obi Wan imo since the death star plans is probably a bit after Obi Wans adventure and Rogue one ends directly where episode 4 begins).

Solo also definitely ends before episode 4 begins (honestly maybe even before Rogue one) since the movie ends with young Solo. It was also supposed to be the lead up to the rugged Solo we meet before episode 4 begins.


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Considering the marketing for Rings of Power, Amazon is definitely not “bad” at marketing.

They had some pretty big marketing for the Boys season 3. Netflix is much bigger and consistent in marketing their shows though.