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You decided to start a conversation here. And yet you say you never hear anyone talking about The Sopranos?

I’m sorry hun, but you’re just not in the right place for this conversation. This place (rightfully so) just can’t shut up about Tony and the gang.


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If you think it’s depressing now, then yes. It will always be depressing.

People are always going to die for space exploration. That’s part of space exploration. And that’s not just this show. But any show that’s even close to realistic about the cutting edge of space technology. It’s incredibly dangerous.


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They made a lot of changes. CW had to be written out, they’re still doing partial Covid shooting, and this season was for working through them. And the first few episodes of this season were not written with a lot of jokes. But the end of this season has been great. If this is where they wanted to go with Ian and poppy, it was a hard place to get to.