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Doomscrolling for profit, yo! I think you’re observing something real and figuring it out. But I agree: modern news “outlets” view us as the product they market to corporations, and are one of our biggest problems. Readership isn’t an analog for solid investigation and reporting anymore.


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I kind of like Epoch, but their agenda is really clear in their coverage. Most of Fox is political commentary. When they actually do journalism, they’re not the worst, but literally no one anymore is clear on where the lines in their content are.

I respect the journey you’ve been on with them. Kudos to you for paying attention, checking sources and verifying information.

Edit: I love how pointing out things like in Capitalist America, to modern news outlets YOU are the product they are selling gets you down votes. I never understood the Cynic philosophers until Reddit. I owe you all for that, so I am grateful.


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I’ve wanted to do a StackOverflow-style site for that for awhile. I think a club/group/movement for this would be cool, so I hope you do. People with credibility making supported arguments. Like the exact opposite of Reddit, where strangers make emotional arguments for whose line points. It has a place, but I don’t think pushing the boundaries of science or education is it.