Stussygiest t1_j2fn4bg wrote

Huh? Even with vaccination. 1 million deaths in US. I repeat, 1 million.

If China did follow the west, causing 4 million deaths. People would bitch and moan anyway. Whatever choice they make, there are always haters.

I honestly think it was a smart but hard decision to delay opening up. Virus do not want the host to die, they also want to survive and spread. So they mutate to a less lethal virus. Old and frail will have problems tho.

It is also smart to wait and see how the vaccine performed. Vaccines were rushed during development, so who really could predict how it performed against covid over time.


Stussygiest t1_j21jiec wrote

Isn't sinovac 90% efficacy with 3 doses? Didn't Pfizer get exposed for saying they didn't test whether it prevented transmission? When Europe commission demanded Pfizer to release sales communication/contracts, they blanked out 100+ pages.

Didn't UK and other countries stopped giving free test so we really do not know the real figures of who is infected at what rate?

Cause I do.

Not saying Chinese vaccine is legit. But maybe big corps west/east is doing some dodgy shit.