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Also in the recent debates McKee said himself reading scores I think* went up while math went down. I’ve read we are one of the worst preforming school systems within the states BUT don’t quote me on that. I do agree with you tho not everything is broken. We just need improving.


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I didn’t say all. I’m keeping it general. But if you look at the providence school systems for example. I didn’t go to school there but I’ve seen articles. For another* example, where I went to school they vote for an increase in budget every year but it doesn’t seem like much has changed since I went.


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Trying to be general to avoid conflict. My views are very unconventional and unachievable to most people.

Personally I don’t want any more red in congress after Roe. I think we should be able to amend the constitution slightly to protect human rights and religious freedom at the same time. BUT I do not agree with democratic economics.

MY MAIN THING IS I do not understand how taxes are spent. I was trying to look it up last night but the charts make no sense (imo) to a normal person without a background in business and I took business in college.

There are way too many business restrictions I do not agree with.

I believe in full prison/court reform. Going through the system is very traumatic even at a low level or family court.

To add (edit): the school systems are awful and we keep pouring money into it for nothing to get better.


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The way things are handled. We need more organization and open and easy access to programs and information. No jargon- just things everyday people can more readily understand, access, and use. FOR ALL PEOPLE from poor to wealthy RIers. Anything from roadways, social programs, taxes, criminal cases and the prison system, business restrictions etc.


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Yea I see this but, if you look at the archived article… there’s nothing wrong except her just spending absurd amounts of money like anyone else would on their wedding day of given the chance. I feel she may have done this to avoid people nitpicking like this and continuing the narrative- she’s just another rich lady with no interest in bettering the state- at least that’s what I’ve heard from SOME in this sub and online.

Or maybe she just didn’t like her wedding being put out there so publicly.

I don’t know just seems like an irrelevant point to me.

edit: if you look at the very first article it also has a tweet reply that says “this isn’t going to be very appealing to working class voters.” That reply is from January 2022. I wonder when they edited this article.