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what your describing basically sounds like "trickle down economics" for UBI. you really think if we dump public funds into the private sector, they'll just redistribute it to the public? look at the world we live in now, and it should be apparent how unlikely that is.

implementing any sort of UBI would require a shift away from an exclusively capitalist framework, so trying to frame it in terms of current globalized capitalism is just going to lead to a lot of dead ends. consider that if a future really becomes "post work" as some people theorize (i do not think this will happen tbqh, but i am open to it conceptually), that will come with massive social upheaval. revolutionary social periods tend to spring up when people have a lot of time on their hands in addition to knowledge and a cause to fight for. hopefully, over the next 60 years we will see a transition from exclusionist socio-economic structures to holistic models that incorporate facets of all existing theories with some new ones. this has notably been the trend of every academic, scientific, and artistic field as we have entered the transition to the age of aquarius over the past two decades, so it is not unlikely. if we live in a truly post work society, people will have enough time on their hands to force such new social structures, and UBI on a public level or other equivalents would likely be on that list (assuming a better alternative is not developed by then)


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yeah it seems like a lot of people with shower thoughts about AI are the main focus of this sub now. it's more like a sub for bad sci-fi fan fiction than a sub on futurology. too bad, used to be a place for interesting discussions about technology and future developments by people who actually researched anything they posted about


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so much more goes into development of an application than a few basic facts like that. every company has unique needs. construction is such a broad field and that limited description you gave would not result in a useful program for any company. a software developer is needed to communicate with the company and determine its needs (which the owners/managers will guaranteed not be able express in easy to understand terms). database and software modeling and development are complex abstract aspects that a code writing AI cannot reproduce

what you described is something that writes code, not something that develops software. just because you can "envision" it doesn't make it the reality of how things work


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while eyewitness accounts is a good starting baseline, that requirement is funny because the "real" news doesn't gather eyewitness accounts either. in fact they make a concerted effort to only offer 2nd and 3rd hand sources for entertainment value. imho this is why fake news has proliferated so quickly. relative to the world's largest propaganda machine which also offers limited factual information, the fake news looks a lot like the "real" thing


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it doesn't actually cite a control. they claim no coorelation to income but offer no data. in the study description they say they requested income information and then assigned people to groups based on education level instead, which is bizarre


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does not address the fact that higher green areas also correlate with higher incomes. income affects diet, healthcare, stress levels, etc. the correlation between green areas and oligosaccharides in no way suggests a causal link between the two. saying one impacts the other is not proven and is an overstep in interpreting the results of whatever study this is referencing. it should note correlation and encourage further study.