SuddenlyElga t1_ja20s08 wrote

A few years ago I heard about the train theory that kept humans from progressing as fast as we could.

I don’t remember it exactly, but it kind of went like this:

The locomotive represents science and people wanting to make life better. But that locomotive is held back by train cars full of religious people and other dumbasses.

I’m sure the real theory is a lot more politically correct but that’s the gist.


SuddenlyElga t1_j0ws28e wrote

I dunno man. Not doubting you but I always see them on the ground. We have black rat snakes, cute little ring necks, moccasins and cotton mouths around here and all of them are always on the ground. I did see what looked like a rough green on top of a hedge once! That was cool. And I’ve only come across one rattler but he was really pissed about it.


SuddenlyElga t1_j0uwh6u wrote

We were playing pickleball a couple of weeks ago (hold for laughter) and an iguana climbed down the fence onto the court. It slowly walked across the court and stopped.

It then looked over its shoulder right at us and squeezed out a massive pile of shit WHILE LOOKING AT US THE WHOLE TIME.

Then this Motherfucker just slowly walks back to the fence and up and out.