SuioganWilliam21 OP t1_iswvu4h wrote

> You could probably do this using a wireless transfer app like Airdroid (android) if you really had to.

How, on a phone with Android 2.3.6?

> Are you currently using 10 phones and your garbage tablet???

I don't use them all at once, but I turn them on at least once a month.


SuioganWilliam21 OP t1_isse1hk wrote

Ok, should I get an adapter for Micro-B and USB-A, and use 2 adapters at the same time for data transfer? Except for 2 phones (iPhone 7 & Samsung S9), all of my phones have Micro-B. For charging, I can use only the Micro-B adapter, if I have a USB-C charger. 10 phones, both of my Bluetooth speakers and both of my old, garbage tablets use Micro-B. Also, I need a good USB-A charger (not power bank) for my iPod Mini. Any recommendations?