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Houses and apartments are cool. But North Korea really needs more food at the moment. It's been a recurring problem. It's all mountains there. Harder to grow food in mountains. So you need to trade for food. But what are you going to trade? When your communist system can't seem to get any competitive industries going?

I mean the globe is hella competitive now. Even powerful nations get an industry wiped out every now and then because another powerful nation did it better. North Korea? Fuck man I don't know.


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>The suspects, identified in charging documents as Angel Uriarte, 35, and Noah Beard, 25, are known members of the Norteño gang, Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux said during a news conference. He said the January 16 shooting was the likely result of a conflict with members of the Sureños, a rival gang.

Nortenos means "northerners". Surenos means "southerners". So the conflict is literally between the northern California gang and the southern California gang.


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>The new policy represents the broadest effort yet that the Biden administration has undertaken to deter migrants seeking asylum from crossing the border illegally. It also relies on an expanded use of Title 42 as a border-control measure, even while the administration is arguing in court that the measure is no longer justified on public-health grounds and must end.

Well if that ain't a cat's meow.


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I don't know. We'll see what the latest inflation numbers say later this month. Remember the Fed targets inflation - a cooling or cooking economy is just collateral.

If the inflation numbers come in good we may be seeing the super soft landing economists dreamed about. We might get good GDP growth and a pause in rate increases.

This news is not necessarily bad.