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Big Y, Stop & Shop, Trader Joes. Other: Target, Walmart.

If you go to Big Y or S&S get a free member card to reduce prices because they're expensive.


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I used to consider myself a progressive, then I realized just how ridiculously counter-productive the rhetoric and motives of progressives were.

A progressive will look at a role call vote for paid sick leave where 49 Democrats vote Yes, and 44 Republicans vote No, and then propagate a narrative that's it's the big bad Democrats and their handlers fault for all of our problems.

Progressives today are not like the ones in the past, the ones who actually cared about creating change and recognized the little wins in society. Today they just want to blow up the system and actively encourage anyone that's not a complete facist Republican to bring it all down with them.

It's funny that whenever Democrats control any part of government and things don't always pan out for the best, progressives and conservatives can collectively come together and spew the "bOtH sIdEs" argument. If I didn't know any better I'd think you were a conservative masquerading as someone on the left, that's just how bad it looks from a liberal perspective.