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It does help to explain a little of why the revolution of the United States was successful. They were organized, holding a clear goal in mind they more or less agreed on, didn't suffer traitors to live, and defeated their enemy squarely. Ruthless and efficient.

I understand there was much foreign aid involved, but that is another component of success, as well as having participants from nearly every strata of society, despite the majority population holding loyalist positions.


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Yep, exactly. I'm also sure that wind turbines are the lesser evil compared to, let's say, a coal plant.

I can guarantee that a wind farm has a far less negative impact on the ecosystem than a coal plant. I'm sure there's studies that can corroborate my assertion, as well.

In the search for clean, sustainable energy, we need to remember that perfect is the enemy of good; but not to allow that mindset to have us become complacent, either. It's not possible for us to arrive at a point that is "good enough", we just have to strive for it anyway.


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Typically, the only people who got onboard with American colonization wanted to get rich, had nothing left to lose, were convicts so didn't have a choice, or were actively facing persecution back home.

Not really people one would want to pick for a generational ship.

And comparing colonization of the Americas to a generational ship is disingenuous. It was still possible for them to come back home. They even maintained allegiances and contact with the homeland. The reason colonization even kicked off after the initial successful colonies, was for economic exploitation; something that won't be possible with generational ships.


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Sounds like he just developed a coping mechanism that ensured he'd never try and free himself, but be "content" in his bondage. This is dangerous to propagate, and favorable to oppressors the world over.


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Why? Why can't you simply be satisfied with living comfortably?

To spread unchecked throughout the galaxy, well, it will take time, but we will consume the galaxy. Quadrillions of humans in a dying galaxy fighting for scraps, until the last, usable materials, are exhausted. You would have an entire galaxy be sterilized.