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Oh, that reminds me of a teacher I had! After weeks of no show, one of our colleagues shows to class with arm broken and stiches in the face, the teacher asked jokingly as he always was, “Oh! You finally came back! What happened, dear? Fight with boyfriend?”, and she answered:

-No, we were going to the country, but he lost control of the car, we had an accident and he died.

It was absurdly weird after that. The teacher joker smile was transformed in a choke, you could see the invisible ninjas choking him and the imagination blades he was stabbing on himself. Hell, we could even read his mind, because we all were thinking the same thing “why did I open my mouth?”.

But today is a funny story.


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Dude, you do not know how close you are from what Bolsonaros’ team was doing. They used builded area to say that there was no deforestation in that area anymore. No shit. That headline seems strange, but it is actually pretty accurate by describing a change of politics.


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South Korea behaves like an US colony, even letting them have a military bases on their soil.

North Korea hold no grudge against South Korea, their grudge is against the government that bombed the country and devastated all cities they could find. Their grudge is against a genocidal country that is installed in South Korea.

And again, the alliance with Japan is just a colony obeying its daddy.


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Oh, I know about the Japanese Fascism, I know some of the atrocities they made there and stopped studying because it was making feel sick. I also know about the Korean War that the US colonized the South and never left.

I still ask: does the South Korea still hold grudge against Japan? They seem more angry about their brothers in the north than the nation that enslaved them.