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There is a weird aspect of the human brain that we tend to forget minor nuisances. That doesn't take away from them sucking in the moment, but I commuted for 9 years and I can't recall any one specific commute, in the same way that I can't recall any one specific diaper I changed for my kids (and there were hundreds).

I think we gave up an experience which is better remembered, for an experience that feels better in the moment. The analogy of having kids comes to mind.


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Working from home was awesome for like 3 years. I loved it. I felt like I won some sort pandemic lottery.

Now in it's 4th year, I'm dying to go back. Socializing with people from behind screens (no one even turns their camera on!) and owning equipment you can't hold or interface with, it's really lost its charm. Humans weren't meant to never leave their own house. We are social animals. I think this will have very long lasting negative effects, but I don't think there's a good path back because it's always all or nothing. It works when everyone is in the office, it works when everyone is at home, but it's really weird when it's everyone's choice on any given day.

I used to think WFH was a blessing, but now I think it's turning out to be a curse.


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Commenting only on the graph itself, your Y-axis is not ideal. You have tick marks at 2.5, so we lose most of the resolution on these scores. The X-axis is titled "Episodes", which means that the labels don't need the "E", as it is redundant.

I would have appreciated some statistics to go with the data. Your comment added variance, but I think averages is where I would start with.


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How is this bad? Once life has already formed, there is no evidence that belonging to a galaxy is of any use.

It may in fact be advantageous to be in the an area of reduced density, as there is a reduced probability of 'debris'. It is noted in fact, that our own sun travels in a way which oscillates above and below the galactic plane, and that we are currently above the galactic plane, which may explain why we have not experienced outsized meteor events.


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Interesting idea for a plot, but it looks wildly inaccurate. There are probably no true modern "movies" which are less than an hour long. Also, your categories are lacking, given that the majority of the plot is black (which is also the least useful category), and the legend should be color coded as well, and likely better off in the top left corner of the plot instead of below it. Title and axes could use proper title-capitalization.

Needs work. 3/10.