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I'm not sure why you're being down voted.

It literally says in the article that it would be a private company doing this and would require multiple people to lose their homes and farms.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that a private company can't exercise eminent domain so it would have to be up to the government. And I'm not sure if townships are given eminent Domain authority


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Are you currently engaged, or are you saying you want to meet someone and get engaged in the next three years?

Because you might find it harder to meet someone in Southern York County than you expect.

It's a beautiful area. There are some great people. But it's sparse in areas. It's aggressively conservative in others. But also blown up with suburbs. I grew up in York and during the early 00's, that area blew up and taxes went up to support the necessary new infrastructure.

You might also not like the commute. 83 is a mess from so many People from Baltimore moving up there.

Gas, milk, and alcohol is more expensive.

But the milk is better


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Sorry, you're right. Penn state actually gets less money from the state than it did in 2008.

But sure. Let's say you have to spend less before the state properly funds a fucking state university.

This is the bullshit reason penn state is so expensive. Cuts to funding or general decrease in funding per student but then blatantly false allegations of overpaid administrators.

Bendapudi isn't making a million a year.
Buildings are necessary.
Professors are underpaid and penn state relies heavily on graduate and temporary professors because the state isn't funding it.

If, in a per student basis, Pennsylvania gave as much adjusted for inflation as it did in the 70s, tuition would be like 5k


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Less crime? You sure about that?

There's maybe less reported crime. But not less crime.

If you include all the murders the state police refuse to call murders, the violent crime per caps in huntingdon, Bedford, and somerset counties is higher than in Philly.

But a dead drug dealer is not considered a murder there. Unfortunately


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> Philadelphia maintains a higher level of representation in PA's state government than any other city.

Considering that it's the largest, and by itself is 1/8 the total population of the state, this makes sense.

It would be asinine for Philadelphia and Lancaster to have the same amount of representation


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Just a reminder. There are people in jail for probation violations because these tests are bullshit.

Certain probation officers I know will intentionally fuck up the tests so they pop positive.

The only way to know what's actually in something is to send it for testing and even then your can't be sure since the labs are often in cahoots with prosecutors or are addicted themselves or just are bad at their job and do batch testing.


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Because it's expensive.

Honestly there's been years of debating this and fighting this. But Rutters bought it. They want to put a store in there. And they said if someone wants to pay to move it they're free to do so, but no one ponied up.

There's fundraising going on now but it's probably too little too late.

Although I will say. Rutters is missing a huge public relations opportunity here. They should offer the balance of the money to move it now since that's probably cheaper than demo at this point, and then donate to the park it ends up in.

A "Rutter's helped save the Hoke house" would be great PR