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Well there’s a precedent, David Cameron agreed to a referendum didn’t he, and the arguments against independence are all debatable. Scotland has enough natural resources, agriculture, tourism and technology to build a strong economy, and frankly I don’t see how the emergence of a new independent country would threaten the world. 🤷🏿‍♂️


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The political way is not entirely closed. If Scotland can persuade the UK government to allow an independence referendum then we will hold one. Unfortunately Nicola never managed to engage with Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss or, to some degree, Rishi Sunak. I hope the next SNP Leader will establish a meaningful dialogue with Westminster.


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Well her goal for many years was to bring Scotland to a new referendum. The strategy was to negotiate and obtain one from the UK government, but when it became obvious they wouldn’t agree plan B was the legal route and make a case that Scotland was constitutionally allowed to have an unilateral referendum on its future and that didn’t work either. Ultimately her credibility took a hit in both cases. It’s not about her being right, what’s questioned is her ability to deliver.


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With the UK supreme court ruling that Scotland cannot hold a unilateral independence referendum and the GRR blocked by Westminster, that was two major defeats for the SNP. Nicola couldn’t really go on past this point. I suspect that her troubles started with last year’s Scottish Parliament election where the SNP didn’t achieve a majority of seats and had to compromise with the Scottish Greens. Her claim that the SNP was speaking for all Scots was questionable from that point.


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Most news outlets bring more details: Half of the number is students, there’s about 150k high skilled (STEM)migrant workers, the rest is consequences of refugee schemes for Ukrainians, Afghans and Hong Kong Chinese. In the case of students it’s an expected surge because universities are reopening now that covid case numbers are low.