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Everyone I talk to doesn't downplay it, but they don't seem to understand its implications either. Even when I tell them there is a very likely chance we could have a human-level intelligence AI within the near future, they are amazed at the fact, though nothing more than that.


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Blockbuster had the opportunity to buy Netflix and perhaps later pursue the streaming model, but they never did. Sears had its own catalog that made perfect sense to transition to an online store format, yet they never did. Sometimes, big companies fail because they become stuck in their ways. Meanwhile, a new company eager to find its place can uproot them by embracing the new.


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In many ways, it's how our own brain operates. Our brain carries out different functions that are transferred between the hemispheres. Without the connection, even certain, simple tasks become hard or downright impossible for each hemisphere to do alone.


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I'm wondering if that played into GPT-4s development. There's immense competition to be cutting edge and first in the AI race, and releasing an AI system that is behind its predecessors is basically not releasing an AI at all. It's possible they delayed releasing it so they can make sure GPT-4 can go toe-to-toe with any would-be competitors.