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I add it to a few dishes when I remember to. I use it sparingly bc I don't want to throw anything out and have to start a new dinner, usually. I do taste as I go, but I worry that the flavor will become more pronounced as this dish comes together or that my taste buds are simply dead compared to my partners. I'm going all in next time!


Surtock t1_j9tqht5 wrote

This sounds wonderful, and aside from the green peppercorns, I have all of these ingredients on hand. I'll definitely be giving this a go.
One question regarding the sheer amount of MSG. 4tbs! That sounds like a lot in 5L of water. I'm still learning how one uses MSG, but maybe I'm mistaken in thinking that a little goes a long way?
Maybe that has been my issue, I'm simply not using enough.
I have been only using a sprinkling per plate when cooking.

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