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Imagine running defense on this for a government that's throwing a hissy fit because the ICC (you know, the organization that literally investigates human rights comes) wants to investigate them. Lol. Lmao even.

It's always hilarious when intellectually stunted people try to argue on the assumption that everyone else is just as intellectually stunted as they are.

This dumb game you're playing is boring. Convince yourself everything is peachy and your precious government is beyond reproach. Governments would never do wrong or make mistakes right?

What a clown. Lol. We're done. Peace kid.


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You can do things about your crimes. Just maybe not things that involve (state sponsored) crimes against humanity and society instead. You can lick boots and play devil's advocate all you want. You're still a shit head who turns your gaze away from the damage done because it didn't personally effect you or your family. Sociopathic.

Also lmao at throwing a hissy fit because people who don't live there dare comment:

A) tons of countries have drug problems and related crime. (And tons of people "live in fear in their own country" for other reasons. But that's another discussion) Not just the Philippines. You're a complete imbecile if you think this problem is unique. Some countries come up with actually humane solutions (Portugal). Some come up with insane, disgustingly inhumane solutions (Philippines). Most fall somewhere in between. Your country is not immune to criticism. No country is. Get over it.

B) You're literally posting on a public website made for discourse. If you didn't want people to discuss it and comment on it, maybe you should have kept your shitty, crimes-against-humanity enabling views to yourself.


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There's a difference between a dog barking all day and night in the yard by your window, and dogs doing what dogs do in a space meant for them, and which has hours of operation.

Nobody here is arguing your neighbor's dog should be allowed to bark non stop in the yard without the owner being confronted about it. This is a specific context. Don't move the goal post.

I also used to hear kids screaming and shrieking all day when I lived next to a park. Nobody ever seems to whine about that one either. And I personally find that far more annoying. But that's what living in a city is about. Dealing with other people


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These residents live in a city. There's tons of sounds which are far more grating and loud. This is mentioned in the article even. They can deal with the barking. It's a crock of shit and you're playing weird devil's advocacy nonsense to get around it. Let the cops start actually writing tickets to asshole drivers that lean on their horns for everything. They won't. But until then, this is straight up idiocy. I have to assume anyone who's seriously supporting this joke either lives in the suburbs/boonies and doesn't understand what living in a city means, or just don't like dogs and are trying to window dress it