Svenskensmat t1_ja2ordx wrote

The Alps are so friggin beautiful.

I recommend everyone to hike Tour du Mont Blanc, especially Europeans that can easily and cheaply fly to Geneva with a bus ride to Chamonix. It’s a very easy hike for big parts of the trail with some tougher sections, mostly due to longer distances between the refugees, but those aren’t very troublesome considering you don’t have to carry almost any kilos on your back. A camel back, some rain gear and a camp stove for lunch when needed (or you can just eat at the refugees) and you’re set

You sleep in refugees and get served dinner and breakfast (and sometimes you even get a lunch pack) and you pay on average 50€ a night for this. The whole route takes about 10 - 14 days depending on your tempo and it’s worth every single minute (and you can easily do sections of it if you want too, like Chamonix to Val Veni where you can take a bus back to Chamonix).

Everyone you meet will likely by super friendly and the people running the refugees are lovely.

Absolutely mesmerising views everywhere you look.