Svindel69 t1_j8yqtpu wrote

Switch ticking is the least talked about problem in keyboards, however it is one of the worst ones to have imo.

I find all uhmwpe blends to have it, but even some switches that are nylon/pc does it. Pretty sure it comes down to the tolerance


Svindel69 t1_iujnjru wrote

Haha I catch your drift here.

I agree. I will never in my life purchase an apple product since they are nowhere near the same performance as windows is in my use case. But i can accept that other people but their products. They are easy to use and once you're in the apple ecosystem you will never get out.


Svindel69 t1_itpbd1l wrote

I get where you are coming from. I actually had the exact same thoughts as you.

But after getting a gmk set, I like it way more than any pbt set I have ever owned. The texture of gmk is way better than any pbt set imo.

The shine on the keycaps is preference. But seeing some sets with full shine honestly looks really good.